St. Joan of Arc 
Catholic Parish


CCD Information

Welcome to St. Joan of Arc’s Religious Education Program,

CCD classes are for any student in Kindergarten through the eighth grade who are not attending a Catholic School. These classes are meant to assist you in passing on our Catholic faith to your child. Registration forms may be found here. Our Classes are held on Monday or Wednesday evenings according to grade levels...


is held on a rotating basis Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm - 7:00pm
(Kindergarten is optional, but the class size is limited, so sign up early ... first come, first served.)

Grades 1 thru 3: are held Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Grades 4 thru 6: are held Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Grades 7 thru 8: are held Monday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:30pm. 

Classes at St. Joan of Arc will begin early in September.  Please watch the bulletin for announcements.

On the first night of classes each student will be given a schedule for the entire year along with the Religious Education rules. (Please keep these papers and refer to them during the year.)  Registration can be completed by completely filling in the registration form and returning it to the CCD office with a check. (You need only fill in one form per family.)

If you are an active member of St. Joan of Arc parish, the materials fee is $45.00 for one child, or $75.00 for two or more children. If you are an in-active member or outside the parish, the fee is $60.00 for 1 child or $90.00 for two or more children.(You are considered an active member if you come to Mass regularly and contribute to the church via the envelope system.) These above prices are for early registration only.

(Registration begins in April for the following school year and is on going in May, June, July and August) Beginning in September, late fees of $10 per family are added!

We do need volunteers to help with the Religious Education program both as teachers and as aides.  (All teachers and aides MUST obtain their clearances, Register on the Diocesan Data Base, and attend a Protecting God’s Children’s workshop.) Catechist certification classes are available and will be paid for by the parish. I know this seems like a big job and everyone is very busy. But this truly could be quality time spent with your child. Without your help, we cannot help you to teach your child! Please seriously consider helping. We need your support to keep this program working and growing! Stop in at the Religious Education office and see for yourself...YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!CALL THE OFFICE 412-835-3724 IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING!  Thank you for choosing us to share in your family’s Religious Journey.

I look forward to welcoming you to our church family.

Beverly Buddemeyer



1. Absenteeism must not exceed 5 days in the entire CCD year. Extenuating circumstances must have the approval of the CCD Administrator. Sports or other activities are not acceptable reasons for missing classes. (However, we understand that there can be conflicting schedules. If you know in advance your child will be missing some classes, please call the CCD office and we can discuss “Home Study” for those classes.) Any time your child is absent it is the parents responsibility to check with the CCD office or teacher for make up work and to obtain information that went home that evening.


2. Advancement to the next higher class in the CCD program must be attained by enrollment, and attendance in class the previous year. Class participation is mandatory. Books and other materials given by the teacher must accompany the student to all classes. Student's comprehension of the material shall be rated at the discretion of his/her teacher. If there is a question of the student’s comprehension, the student shall be referred to the Religious Education office and the parents contacted.


3. Any student needing an Early Dismissal must have a completed Early Dismissal Form and must come to the CCD office to be picked up and be signed out. (These forms are mandated by the Diocese legal concerns office. A copy of this form is included in this packet. )


Mass & Sacraments


CCD is an extension of the student's public education where stress is exerted in the direction of religion and moral values. Attending CCD classes once a week is only the beginning of the students introduction to their faith. Attendance and participation at weekly Sunday mass is a requisite to successful completion of the student's classes. Participation in Holy Day Celebrations and other extra-curricular church activities must be encouraged by the parents of the students.

Parents participation, when requested, is as necessary as the student's. The most important thing you need to know about your children's religious education is this: You are now and always will be the main religious educators of your children. They follow your examples.


Behavior & Dress

Behavior of the students shall be such as to emulate an academic atmosphere. Respect must be shown to the teachers, other students, the church, and the classrooms. Failure to comply shall result in the following: the student will first be sent to the CCD office. If it is the second offense, or very serious, it will be brought to the attention of the parents by the CCD administrator. If there is a third time, the parent must accompany the child to the next class. If no improvement is forthcoming, the student will be dismissed from classes. While there is no dress code, we ask that the students dress respectfully. Please no muddy sports shoes worn directly from practice (you may wear your uniform, but change your shoes in the car), no roller skate shoes, no short shorts, no pajamas.

CCD Classroom Rules:

1. No fighting or any sort of rude behavior (talking during class time is rude behavior.)

2. No gum, pop, candy, or food (Exceptions are made for special class activities approved by the teacher, but the student must help in clean up. The rooms should always be left clean!)

3. Students are NOT to go into the desks in the classroom for any reason. Any supplies needed for class will be supplied by the teacher.

4. If anything is broken or vandalized by a student in a classroom, the student must write a note of apology and replace the item.

5. Students are not to go into any classroom where a teacher or an adult is not present.

6. Nothing is to be brought into the classroom except the supplies needed for CCD classes. Please do not bring cell phones, other school work, headphones, video games, comic books, etc. These items will be taken from the students and held in the CCD office until the student's parent comes to get them.