St. Joan of Arc 
Catholic Parish


Meet the Volunteers



             Mary Mullen                         Mary Jane Leach, RN

                Carol Lacher                                                    


                   Sandy Jabo                         

Volunteer Nurse Program

St. Joan of Arc has initiated a Volunteer Parish Nurse Program under the direction of Mary Jane Leach.  Parish nurses and a volunteer assistant will visit the sick and homebound parishioners.  They will assist the parishioners in active/passive and range of motion exercises which will benefit the overall health and well being of the individual.  As parish nurses help on many practical ways, they are also helping individuals to recognize how God is present in their daily lives giving strength, meaning and hope.  There are nay in our parish who live alone and can benefit from a friendly visit.  This does not replace homecare nursing, but adds a spiritual dimension for all parishioners.  Blood pressures, and heart rate will be taken at each visit.  Visits will be weekly/monthly depending on one’s needs.  If you know anyone at home who would benefit having a Parish Nurse visit them please call the rectory.